The firm was established in 1967 thanks to just a person who was already son, nephew, and descendant of a family already busy on this field. The story starts in a small store in Via Roma 40th in Villacidro with the helpful presence of his wife.

In the Eighties, with all his sons united and prepared to the job, Fernando Marrocu established The Goldsmith’s Firm that took his name

F.O.A.G. di F.Marrocu & Figli s.n.c. società nome colletivo Sede legale - Via Nazionale 302 09039 Villacidro (VS)
P.IVA 01588600922 - C.F. 01588600922
Reg. Imprese di Cagliari n.14704
albo artigiani n°52766
reg imprese tribunale di cagliari 14704
iscrizione fabricanti orafi n°145

In the Years the firm grew up so that all family was involved and new people started working with them learning from the owners experience.

Now, new building are ready to offer hospitality to workers and customers in Via Nazionale, 254th, even if Fernando is not with us anymore.